A complete DIY TERMITE treatment for your home

Termites are the most common and costly cause of damage to Australian homes. Infestations can go undetected for years, costing Australian Householders thousands of dollars in costly repairs when finally found. The worst part is that your home insurance does not cover termite damage.

What are the advantages of Superway Termite Baiting Station?

  • One of the few true & tested DIY Termite detection and eradication system. We supply you with a complete system as well as the treatment.
  • Superb Coverage. Nothing else comes close in the total area covered and with the ability to add stations, giving much wider coverage.
  • Total Flexibility. Systems can be installed to suit your individual requirements and specific needs.
  • No pest controllers required. You have complete control and best of all, you will save an enormous amount of money.



Superway baiting stations are designed to intercept foraging termites with a food source attractive to termites and to concentrate the termites feeding in the stations. The Termite Bait is only applied to the baiting stations after termites have been detected and are there in sufficient numbers.

  • Easy to install
  • DIY – Totally do it yourself. No need to depend on expensive Pest Controllers
  • Total Flexibility – Termite Baiting Stations can be installed to
    suit your individual requirements and needs

DIY Termite Bait Stations are an easy process to install. The Stations are designed to attract Termites to a preferred source (timber) contained within the station itself. Once termites have been attracted to the Baiting Station, they continue feeding and building up in numbers, travelling to and from the nest. When the number of termites has built up sufficiently, this is the time to apply Superway White Ant Termite Bait (Sold Separately) to the termite colony.



An insect development inhibitor type insecticide for use as part of a termite interception and baiting system, an integrated system for the management of subterranean termite infestations (except Mastotermes darwiniensis).

  • DIY – Totally do it yourself. No need to depend on expensive
    Pest Controllers

  • Targets the nest giving you a complete cost-effective detection
    and eradication system

  • Back to the nest treatment fully trialed and approved

Superway White Ant Termite Bait is a powder which is mixed with clean unchlorinated water and applied to our DIY Termite Bait Stations once termite activity has been sited.

Once applied, the working termites will carry the bait back to the termite nest to destroy the termite colony.