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Superway Products, here you will find Solutions and helpful information and assistance about DIY Pest Control

Superway’s own range or Garden chemicals available for weed control in your lawn or insect control in Lawns and gardens as well as fertilisers, domestic pest control Termite treatments or options available and how to do your own Termite Inspections.
Termite Baiting Solutions that are completely DIY using our unique Superway Termite Baiting Stations and our own “Back to the Nest kill” Termite Treatment Superway White Ant Termite Bait.

Take control away from the Pest Controller and Do it yourself.
Superway Garden Products manufacture and distribute a range of insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides to the home & garden, pest control, horticultural and agricultural markets.

Finally, a complete

No more pest controllers needed.
As easy as 1 -2-3

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