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Superway is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of garden products for herbicides, insecticides, and termiticide. With over 25 years of experience and considered as the go-to for many professional Australian gardeners, they are committed to delivering high-quality garden products and provide you with incredible support for all your home and garden needs.

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What our customers say

Found the bait stations very easy to install. Kept them in shady spots around the house in spots easily accessible to check any infestations. Very pleased. Recommend to anybody who has a concern and wants to reduce the worry of infestation.

The girls at Superway were fabulous.  Not only were they friendly and helpful,  they went out of their way to ensure I got what I needed.

We are unfortunate to have an infestation of termites in our brick house, they had entered through the northern wall where we had a window are a conditioner. Unbeknown to us the overflow pipe had a malfunction and the water from the air conditioner made the internal studs wet ( hardwood I might add) this attracted the termites which caused damage to the pine window frames and the moist hardwood.

I discovered the damage while checking the windows prior to going on holiday. I contacted a termite specialist who came out and checked the house, his report advised that the termites had gone after being disturbed but they would return. The report also advises that I put down a barrier along with a series of bait inspection stations which would have cost a couple of thousand dollars. I did my own research and found your advertisement in a gardening magazine and contacted your people and purchased a D.I.Y. baiting station solution kit along with Pidgeon’s spray. I used the kit and spray and have successfully attracted and eradicated termites, thanks very much for your products which I have recommended to friends who have also purchased and successfully used.

We had a Superway Termite trap set up, we looked in it every now and then nothing, then suddenly excitement we had termites, hard work waiting for them to look really busy. Made the bait up poured it into the trap. Locked everything up and went away for 6 months over the winter.

On arriving home and opening up the house found we had Termite bodies everywhere couldn’t work it out, and then we were told it was the soldiers out looking for the works and they were hungry and dying. Superway Termite Baiting Station had worked. Together we will keep those wood eating Termite’s at bay

I first saw information about your system in Readers Digest magazine whilst at my local doctor’s waiting room.

It was of particular interest to me as my house has been attacked by termites twice in the last 6 years…first time noticed quickly and eradicated without much damage…second time however was more serious and quite a bit of damage was done…at a cost of $1650 to a pest controller to eradicate and the cost of repair to the wall I was thinking  ”what can I do to prevent this again”.

This is when I was enroute to Queensland for the annual winter visit so I called in the see Steve at Superway….he was very helpful and patiently listened to my story….as a result, I purchased (4) four bait stations with associated tubes and eradication product also full instructions on how to go about the task of installation.

I have every confidence that these bait stations will be a great detection device…I will be inspecting them monthly as suggested and if ever they return I can deal with the problem…

I have suffered years of white ant problems and damage around my farm workshop and shed.  After installing your D.I.Y. system, about two years ago, the problem was gone after following your instructions precisely and I have had no further problems for almost two years.  I heartily recommend your product to anyone.

Farmers no longer need to watch their timber sheds crumble around then from termite attack.
The boys from Superway provided us with an inexpensive solution to termite colony eradication.
We don’t need to fear termite and expensive repairs anymore nor costly pest control companies.

GONE, that’s right, they are all gone.  The pest inspection man had found two areas where we had White Ants outside our home, but after laying two Superway Bait Stations as per the instructions, we are very pleased to report that all activity has ceased – the White Ants are gone for less than a fifth of what we were quoted for a professional to do the job. Thanks, Superway staff for a safe and easy product to use and for your guidance

We have found the Superway Termite Baiting System easy to install and there was no hassle using the treatment. The Superway White Ant Termite Bait Treatment worked and I am happy to recommend the system to others.

I  have used the Superway termite Baiting system and am very pleased with its results. Despite my gardens being covered in wood chips, the baiting station worked fast and we are now commencing the treatment to get rid of our termites.  We have found the system very easy to install and would strongly recommend it to others to give it a go.

I am very happy with the service Superway staff to have provided us in this process.

Real Support from the Superway Team

We offer the best support and friendly advice on garden and home pest control. The Staff at Superway pride ourselves on being able to offer friendly advice and service and will go that “extra mile” to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. Our team of down-to-earth gardeners rise to every challenge to offer you friendly, knowledgeable advice on how to best maintain your home and garden pest free.