Finally, a complete “DIY" TERMITE treatment !

No more pest controllers needed.
As easy as 1 -2-3


  1. Install Superway Termite Baiting Stations around your property & inspect for activity every 2-3 weeks.
  2. As soon as the Baiting Stations become active, apply the Termite treatment to the Station.
    (Superway owned &APVMA approved)
  3. Termite colony destroyed - re-use Baiting Station

Termites are the most common and costly cause of damage to Australian Homes.Infestations can go undetected for years, costing Australian Householders thousands of dollars in costly repairs when finally found.

Worst of all

Superway, being a chemical manufacturer for the pest control industry, is the only company registered to supply this back-to-the-nest treatment for the DIY market.


  • Superway Termite Baiting stations are able to offer you the only complete DIY termite detection and Treatment system in the Australian Market.
  • No more Pest control or pest controllers needed unless of course the termites are already in your house. (Your need is more immediate and must be dealt with straight away by a licensed pest controller)
  • The majority of termite Baiting systems on the market are detection devices only with the need for a pest controller to undertake the treatment yet, they are still marketed as D.I.Y.
  • Yes, you can detect termites using these devices (the same as having a tomato stake in your yard) but can you successfully treat them yourself.

Superway Termite Baiting Solutions Pty Ltd can offer you the only complete DIY solution for Termite eradication as well making our system the only true detection/eradication system available.

Using our system you can now Detect Termites and Destroy them and their nest as well.

Now that is complete  DO IT YOURSELF don’t you think !

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