The Superway Standard Termite Baiting Station comes ready to be assembled & activated for outdoor use.


Where on my property should I install my stations?

Ideally the Superway Standard Termite Baiting Stations should be placed no closer than one metre on each side of a building. You can also use the Compact Stations in small or tight areas where the Standard Station cannot be installed or you could use them to cover the area between two or more Standard Stations. Garden beds are an ideal location as they are normally moist and offer the least chance of disturbance. The stations can be buried under pavers if you desire however be aware that the inspection tube needs to be easily accessible. If you are only using a few stations initially, determine where your property is most at risk from attack (e.g. shrubs, old tree stumps, wooden fence posts etc) and install the stations nearby.

How do I install them?

Step 1      

Connect two black tubes together using the blue connector to join them, repeat for the other two black tubes. Attach one length of tube to each side of the baiting station. If you have purchased the extensions, attach these to each of the two tubes.

Step 2      

Dig a hole for the main station—approximately 30cm long x 30cm wide x 20cm deep.

Step 3

Dig the trenches for the tubing - approximately 170cm long x 20cm wide x 20cm deep.

Step 4

Evenly distribute contents of Bag A into the base of the trenches.

Step 6

Place the assembled bait station on top of the wood shavings (Bag A).

Step 7      

Bury the station and tubes, ensuring the top of the inspection tube is at least 50mm above ground level.

Step 8      

Firmly stamp down the soil around the box and tubes. Lightly hose down the soil and pour approx one cup of water down the inspection tube to start the process of timber decay that the termites will be seeking.

 How do I know when to apply the treatment?

Every 2-3 weeks check for activity by simply lifting the cap and looking down the top of the inspection tube (use a flashlight if you need to). If you notice termite activity, Don't Panic! - carefully replace the cap taking care not to disturb the termites in the baiting station. Don't push the cap on to the inspection tube too tight as it will be difficult to remove next time during regular checking. If there are only a few termites in the station, wait a week or so and check again. The more termites active in the station, the more termites will feed on the bait and the quicker you will kill the entire nest.

When you are ready to apply the termite treatment (you can phone us for advice if need); mix up the required amount of treatment (you must use the full dose recommended to be successful) and apply down the top of the inspection tube.
Check after 10 days to see if activity is still continuing, if so a second dose of treatment may be required.
To purchase the Superway White Ant Termite Treatment, phone us and order a pack and we will get it out to you as fast as we can!

 Yay! The termites are gone—what next?

Once the nest has been eradicated (this may take 4-6 weeks), the station lid may be unscrewed, cleaned out and rebaited ready to start the process again in the same place or relocated to another area at risk. If the termites have eaten most of the bait away—call us and order a new rebait kit and we will send it to you ASAP!


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