Superway NutriPaK liquid fertiliser

pack size images(all)Superway Garden Products Pty Ltd is pleased to advise of the pending release of its new product ""Superway NutriPaK "" liquid fertiliser.

Triple nutrition ""NutriPaK"" is a highly effective balanced fertilizer providing the right amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium in one easy to use liquid product. Recommended for the home gardener for lawns and gardens as well as for use in Commercial/horticultural situations.

Nutrient NutriPaK®

NutriPaK Ready to Use hose on pack

Nitrogen 15 7.1   Phosphorous  5.5 2.9 Potassium 10.9 5.3

• NPK fertilizer to promote healthier growth
• Contains cytokinins to promote vigorous growth and added iron for immediate greening .
• Contains organic nutrients including manures and seaweed extracts.
• No mess Ready to use pack, simply attaches to hose to spray on lawn or garden.
• Higher nutrition levels mean product will cover a larger area.
• Economical- Twice the nutrition, Twice the coverage but not twice the price.
“Superway NutriPak” liquid fertiliser comes packaged in a ready to use 2 litre hose on pack as well as 1 litre Chamber pack concentrate/refill pack. Larger pack sizes 5, 10 & 20 litres also available..

Superway NutriPaK liquid fertiliser

Pack Sizes

Ready to use 2 litre, 1 litre Chamber pack, 5,10, 20 Litre

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Superway White Ant Termite Baitbait

An insect development inhibitor type insecticide for use as part of a termite interception and baiting system, an integrated system for the management of subterranean termite infestations (except Mastotermes darwiniensis).

This is a DIY ‘back to the nest’ termite treatment

Pack Size
500 gm 1 kg 2 kg 4kg 5kg 10kg

Active(s): 1g/kg Chlorfluazuron

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