Installation of Superway Termite Baiting Stations

Installation is as simple as finding a suitable location for the baiting station digging a trench and burying the station so that only the inspection cap is showing.

From that point on a 3-4 weekly inspection is all that is required to check for signs of activity.

The best location for your Termite Baiting Stations. 

baitlinesTermites love moisture so the most obvious choice is a moist garden bed away from the house a few metres.

The garden is usually always kept moist from watering and provides the best location for detection.Gardenbeds are also less likely to be disturbed from the likes of lawn mowers etc as well as providing shade and keeping temperatures down.

Along fence lines is also a suitable site for location ofy our baiting station. We are more than happy to advise you on the best locations at your property either by phone(1300 302 938) or by way of you sending us a “mudmap”of your property

Superway White Ant Terminator Termite Bait is an approved insect development inhibitor type insecticide and can be used as part of a termite interception and baiting system or directly into Termite Workings.

It is suitable for all termite species except the Mastotermesdarwiniensis species.

It has been specifically approved by the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

The active ingredient in the Termite Bait is taken back to the Nest whereby it spreads through the nest over a short period of time, inhibiting the growth of the termite colony and eventually eliminating the nest.

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