How a Baiting station works.

Getting rid of Termites successfully is a 2 step process

Tthe first being to attract the termites to a food source (bait station) and the second applying the toxin after termites have been detected.


The Superway Termite Baiting Solutions Pty Ltd baiting station works by attracting the worker termites to a preferred source contained withiin the station itself.

The station is 3 metres in width giving it a far greater coverage than many of our competitor’s 6 inch wide tube station. (in fact one of our standard Bait stations equates to having approx 25 of some of our competitor products in area covered alone) .

With the ability to now extend the width further as an option and link bait stations as well, there is nothing that comes anywhere near the coverage. You cannot go past The Superway Bait stations interception capability.


Once termites have been attracted to the Baiting station, they continue feeding and building up in numbers travelling back and forward to the nest. When the numbers of termites have been allowed to build up sufficiently, this is the time to apply Superway White Ant Terminator Termite Bait, a toxin that will be taken back to the nest, and through its mode of operation , kill the queen and destroying the termite colony.


A 500g pack is sufficient to treat a baiting station 5 times. How cost efficient is that and how much will you save in Pest control costs, simply do the maths.

Size Does Matter

When buying baiting stations remember you are buyinga detection device. The greater the area covered, thegreater your chance of termites being detected. In ouropinion 4-6 small plastic tubes in or around your housedoes not provide you with the detection capability youneed. It is also questionable whether sufficient termitescan be treated in these systems as the greater thenumber of termites treated, the greater your chance ofsuccess. That is why our standard system is 3.5 metreswide (equal to 25 of these smaller devices) and thefood chamber holds sufficient food to keep them eatingfor several months. With the ability to now expandthis coverage even further and also link stations, thechances of successful detection have just improveddramatically

Detection Device vs.Detection and Destruction Device

Most Termite Baiting systems on the market aredetection devices only with many requiring the servicesof a licensed Pest controller to destroy the termitecolony. The Superway Termite Bait Station is the onlytrue Detection and Destruction Baiting Station andcompletely Do It Yourself


Can your supplier provide with APVMA registered Toxinfor Do It Yourself treatment or do you need to arrangethe services of a licensed Pest controller. SuperwayWhite Ant Terminator Termite Bait is the only registeredtoxin treatment on the market for D.I.Y operator

Aboveground vs.Underground Systems

Termites travel around underground and love moisture.They do not like being disturbed or in areas of directsunlight. Some stations are located aboveground,however they have been known to suffer from heat/sunlight, things which termites do not like. The SuperwayTermite Baiting Station is located underground where itwill stay moist, not get affected by light or heat and littleof no disturbance. Termites travel underground, whyhave bait stations aboveground?

Advantages of a D.I.Y. Superway Termite Baiting Station.
  • The Superway Termite Baiting Station is the only true D.I.Y. Termite detection and eradication system on the market. We are the only company that can supply you the system as well as the treatment.
  • Coverage. Nothing else comes close in total area covered and with the ability to now extend further and link stations, nothing can come close.
  • Total flexibility. Systems can be designed to suit your individual requirements and specific needs.
  • No pest controllers required. You have complete control. Think of the money you can save in this alone.

BUYER BEWARE If you are looking at buying other baiting systems, ask the manufacturer/reseller about treatment options. If they claim that their treatment is used to kill termites, ask them whether the product has been registered by The APVMA(Australian Pesticides and VeterinaryMedicines Authority) as required under current Australian legislation.

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