Superway Carbendazim 500 systemic Fungicide

Carbendazim is currently being reviewed and is NOT FOR SALE  because of occupational health and safety, residue and public health concerns.

Regulatory decisions taken to date have restricted its uses and raised awareness of the risks it may present.

The APVMA commenced its review in 2007 following advice from the Office of Chemical Safety and Environmental Health (OCSEH) that exposure to carbendazim and its parent compounds could cause developmental abnormalities in experimental animals, and hence might pose a potential public and occupational health and safety risk to people.

In initiating the review the APVMA addressed potential human health concerns by suspending the label approvals of carbendazim products and issuing new instructions for use.

These new instructions provided revised safety directions for use of the product and a birth defects warning statement, to be attached to the container.


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